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May 10, 2018

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Potomac Yard Residents Infuriated by the Elimination of Metro Entrance
City of Alexandria staff has known about the descoping since July 2017

(ALEXANDRIA, VA) – Potomac Yard residents were out in force at last night’s Potomac Yard Metrorail Implementation Work Group (PYMIG) meeting. The first meeting held in almost two
years to discuss this project. The meeting room at the Alexandria City Hall was over its capacity with the outpouring of residents outraged at the latest news communicated in a May 4, 2018
memo from Alexandria City Manager, Mark Jinks, about the elimination of the E. Glebe entrance to the future Potomac Yard Metro Station.

Potomac Yard Civic Association (PYCA) leaders and members, residents along with representatives from other organizations loudly voiced their concerns, disappointment, and frustration with the City. City staff’s justification for selecting to only construct the northern entrance is based on the Northern Potomac Yard Small Area Plan and the potential commercial development commercial. Residents were shocked when city staff acknowledge the conversation to descope the project occurred in July 2017. City staff withheld the planned elimination of the southern entrance, southern mezzanine and ramps for over ten months without consulting key stakeholders. They justified the lack of transparency because of a Non-Disclosure Agreement with WMATA.

“Our concern is the reduction in benefits. Those benefits include community walkability, reduction in vehicular traffic, and improved quality of life. In addition, the removal of the south metro
entrance will potentially jeopardize the remaining planned commercial development in South Potomac Yard. City staff and Council members have repeatedly asserted to homeowners in public
forums and in printed materials the benefits of the close proximity of the metro station. The benefits have now been diminished.”

“There are so many reasons why this outcome is unfair to us as a community, but it essentially means that the very purpose of doing this project has been distorted,” said Rafael Lima, a
Potomac Yard resident who moved to the area four years ago.

City Council will hold their monthly public meeting on Saturday, May 12, 2018. The docket includes an ordinance from the City to modify the Potomac Yard Tier II Special Tax District and a
resolution related to the Dominion Underground Transmission Lines along Potomac Avenue in Potomac Yard. PYCA encourages members and residents to testify and voice their concerns to
City Council.